"JDW is an excellent facility that allows performers to receive correct training, building foundations of dance and performance that will see them being successful and ultimately ‘bookable'. Jenina has a contagious passion for the performing arts; this passion filters directly through her school and into her students. JDW is always exposing their students to choreographers from around the world - giving their students the knowledge to be truly versatile." THE SQUARED DIVISION


"Jenina's Dance Workshop is an INCREDIBLE place to train and perfect your craft. The talent is world class and both Jenina and the entire faculty invest every inch of their beings into ensuring quality, professional and nurturing care for each and every student. I love coming to teach there so much and I can't wait to experience their continual growth” ​ STEPHEN TANNOS


"Jenina’s Dance Workshop is an incredible hub for Australian dancers. Jenina has been incredibly successful in creating a place that produces a world class standard, creating hard working, versatile and quality performers. Her warm and nurturing environment is a place that I, along with many other industry professionals will always be happy to come back to." CASSIE BARTHO


"I have been guest teaching workshops all over the world for 13 years, and extensively in Australia for 10 years. JDW was a pleasant surprise to work with. The level of talent in both class and choreography for a custom routine was above and beyond the norm. The level of professionalism by dancers of all ages in the studio coupled with an awesome ability to pick up and deliver new styles quickly was truly impressive. I look forward to working with JDW again in the future!" MICHAEL SCHWANDT


JDW is an incredible Performing Arts studio that I have taught at for the last couple of years. From day one, I was blown away. Jenina has created such a wonderful and safe environment for students to be able to grow and excel at what they do best, offering the experience of having the best faculty from all around the globe teach. The work ethic demonstrated by the students is tremendous and it is evident in their performance and their careers. CHRIS TSATTALIOS


"I had the pleasure of working with Jenina and a dancer from her workshop. Coming from America and teaching all over the world, it is very apparent that Jenina takes extreme pride in the quality of training of incredible dancers and artists. It is a pleasure to work with such a professional. I am looking forward to working with Jenina's dance workshop again in the future." TOKYO


“Jenina’s Dance Workshop’s dancers are some of my favourite dancers in the industry. They stand out because of their professionalism, enthusiasm, talent and love for dance! It is always a complete pleasure working with Jenina’s dancers!” ​ SARAH BOULTER


"Teaching at Jenina's Dance Workshop is always a blessing. Not only do the students have an impeccable work ethic, but they are also incredibly talented. Every moment shared in these studios is special, all because of the warm environment Jenina has so carefully created. I love getting to work with the kids at JDW!" MATT ANTONUCCI


"I have taught at Jenina's Dance Workshop on a number of occasions now, and each visit is nothing short of magic. Apart from being incredibly talented, the students at JDW are well-mannered, cultivated and an absolute pleasure to work with. Jenina has created a nurturing environment that produces exceptional results, and the talent that walk in and out of the JDW doors as a perfect example of this. I look forward to every visit. Look no further!" ​ BLAKE JOHN WOOD


"What can I say about JDW other than EXCEPTIONAL, FEARLESS, VERSATILE, WORLD CLASS... and that’s just the training!! The students are among the most heart felt, grounded, determined dancers I’ve had the pleasure to teach, and I look forward to every chance I get to come and work with them. Their talent is only matched by their love and passion of performing arts... and obviously that comes from the top!" JASON WINTERS


"The first time I taught at JDW was a pleasure, the energy and work ethic from her students was great. It's inspiring to see that JDW are attending and hosting workshops, investing in the students, offering them experience, exposure and a variety of education. I regularly see the students when they are travelling and attending workshops around the country, and the ability and growth of the students improves every single time I see them." ROB MCLEAN


"JDW continues to be one of my favourite places to teach throughout my travels. Such a warm, nurturing, loving, supportive, welcoming environment and the student themselves are so open, passionate, enthusiastic and hardworking (probably the most hard working students) and so great to see the students having the opportunity to work and learn some of Australia's top choreographers/teachers. JDW will always have special place in my heart." ANDREW HUYNH


"Every time I teach Jenina’s students it is clear that she gives them 100% commitment, love, support and passion for dance. She clearly goes above and beyond for her studio and students. I absolutely love working at her studio... the kids are trained well and are always very respectful." BJ RORKE


"JDW has a vibrant and infectious energy from the moment you step through their doors. The students are a perfect balance of openness and determination, and the support they give each other is inspiring!" SELA VAI


"Jenina’s studio is one of warmth and support. Even in the short time I have spent there I felt inspired and rejuvenated by the hard work, dedication and respect of all the students I had the pleasure to teach. It’s the clear friendships between the students and the love they have for the studio which boosters an atmosphere of growth. I think thats the reason why the quality is so high, it’s a team effort!" CHARLES BARTLEY


"JDW students are some of the most hard working and passionate dancers I have come across in my travels. They ooze a beautiful amount of confidence and happiness and have an abundance of respect. I love teaching them and also love watching them perform!"   LAUREN SEYMOUR


"JDW is a wonderful environment for young dancers to be a part of. Each student is focused, driven, and thriving to learn from their teachers. Not only is it a safe learning environment, but it becomes a family that offers supportive growth, professional guidance, inspiration and happiness for all. I had such a memorable experience from my time at JDW, I loved every moment of it and I can't wait to return again!" ZOEY BLACK