JDW Theatrical classes are 90 minutes of hardcore dance, combining work on jazz, song and dance and kicking routines. 


Our jazz is high energy, encouraging individual style and expression while focusing on flexibility, technique, strength and coordination. Song and dance groups are fun, with strong focus on vocals and harmonies before a high energy dance to classical and contemporary musical theatre songs. In the lead up to our end of year concert, students are given the experience of visiting a local recording studio and recording the vocals for song and dance groups. Kick routines are fun, usually focusing on strong character development, stage presence and comedy, kicking to upbeat, modern songs. 


Tap is one of the most rhythmic dance forms, increasing coordination of the body and develops a strong sense of timing, musicality and rhythm. 

Our tap classes consist of detailed corner work, technical progressions, partnering/group work, as well as working towards a routine for competition and concert.



At JDW, students are taught the Royal Academy of Dancing syllabus (RAD) in classical ballet.


Ballet is a challenge for the body and requires great discipline, strength, balance, grace and stage presence. It is the core of every dancer's technique. Classical ballet classes are structured around creative exercises that are designed to build fine posture and poise and create healthy, strong bodies.


Students work towards completing routines, both for competition and concerts.



Lyrical and contemporary are very similar to ballet, combining the many technical elements of classical ballet with the freedom, fluidity, expressiveness and airier aspects of jazz, contemporary and modern dance. They are expressive, simultaneously subtle and dynamic, focused on conveying musicality and emotion through movement.  It is a combination of intricate, highly technical, and pedestrian/naturalistic moves. 

Students work towards completing routines, both for competition and concerts.



JDW’s hip hop classes combines street funk, hip hop and commercial styles to create choreography that is exciting to perform and to watch! Hip Hop and Commercial dance is exactly like what you see in music videos and on TV - it's funky, it's cool and it's high energy!


These classes work towards routines for competitions and performances, as well as drawing upon other dance style techniques to create hard hitting, strong and stylised dancers.



Acro focuses on developing strong, flexible dancers, where skills range from handstands and cartwheels to flips and handsprings. Acro will teach you all sorts of tricks; giving you a competitive edge and making you "stand out from the crowd”.


JDW Acro classes are broken up into stream of ability, starting from Intro Acro and working up towards Senior Advanced Acro.


Our certified acro staff fly to Melbourne annually to complete and further their Acro training, learning about new acro skills and techniques. 

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Musical Theatre is a combination of singing, dancing and acting, focussing on expanding the individual’s musical theatre repertoire and experimenting with new skills; creating a ’triple threat'.


These classes are designed for those who wish to further their performance skills and stage presence, extend their capability and anyone who may wish to see themselves in a career in musical theatre. 



JDW's MINI Kids is our newest addition to the JDW Timetable, encapsulating the signature JDW training methods into a fun-filled class for our little ones! Mini Kids is a combo class that includes jazz, tap, hip-hop, singing, music and a whole lot of fun! Our class captures the attention of all pre-schoolers, from girls who love to twirl on their toes and boys who like to bust some moves.


This class is not only an introduction to dance but a place to grow, learn and make friends. Mini Kids is the perfect way to start developing the co-ordination skills that are the basics of dance classes. 




JDW’s Elevate program was designed for students who are driven to achieve something special out of their dancing. It is a 100% practical course that is based on the industries needs to create versatile and well rounded performers. The course is physical and demanding, however extremely rewarding for dedicated and hardworking dancers.

Elevate students do an additional 7 classes on top of their regular dance timetable every week; Jazz, Classical Ballet, Lyrical, Acro, Conditioning, Hip Hop and Stretch. Elevate students travel interstate every year, participating in workshops and national competitions, and finish the year with an Elevate concert, showcasing routines from the year. Acceptance into the Elevate Program is by audition only. 



In 2014, Outlook was introduced to offer extra classes for students who want to further their dancing but are not ready to commit to Elevate. These classes focus on technique, strength and flexibility and the Outlook students perform one routine at the end of year Elevate showcase.


Outlook teams do an additional 3 classes on top of their regular dance timetable every week; Hip Hop/Commercial Jazz, Lyrical/Contemporary and Conditioning/Technique. Acceptance into the Outlook program is by application only.