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At Jenina's Dance Workshop, we're all about creating a well-rounded dancer. To achieve this, we place an equal emphasis on all styles of dance, along with additional classes such as singing and acrobatics. 

Students at JDW are able to create a customised timetable of classes to suit their schedule. Upon enquiry, students and parents will work with our enrolments team to create a timetable that works to achieve your personal goals. 

We allow our students the flexibility of picking as many or little classes as they like - there's no 'packages'. Most students choose 3-4 classes, allowing them the opportunity to discover which genres they love. When students are ready to take their dancing to the next level, they may choose up to 15 classes per week. 

The only compulsory class at JDW is our theatrical combo class, which covers jazz, song and dance (musical theatre) and kicking routines. From there, students enjoy a timetable that spans across 6 days a week.


In 2020, we introduced JDW Mini Kids, our exclusive program for children aged 1 - 5 years. The program is crafted carefully by our teachers who specialise in early-childhood dance teaching.

About Classes
Picking your Classes


Pick a Theatrical class

Theatrical classes cover the fundamentals of all things dance across jazz and musical theatre styles. It's upbeat, fun and high-energy!

Our jazz is high energy, encouraging individual style and expression while focusing on flexibility, technique, strength and coordination. Song and dance groups are fun, with strong focus on vocals and harmonies before a high energy dance to classical and contemporary musical theatre songs. It's the only compulsory class at JDW.

Students are placed into a Theatrical class based on their age. All theatrical classes perform at the Southern Tasmanian Dancing Eisteddfod and our End of Year concert.


Pick a Ballet class

Ballet classes are the next step in any dancer's timetable as it is the core of every dancer's technique. Classical ballet classes are structured around creative exercises that are designed to build fine posture and poise and create healthy, strong bodies.

Ballet students are taught the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) syllabus. Students choose between an RAD and/or Performance ballet classes. with the latter performing at the Southern Tasmanian Dancing Eisteddfod and our End of Year concert.


Add Tap, Lyrical, Acro, Hip Hop and more

This is where the real fun begins! Once the student has their base classes sorted, they can add on as many classes as they like. 

Tap is one of the most rhythmic dance forms, increasing coordination of the body and develops a strong sense of timing, musicality and rhythm. Our tap classes consist of detailed corner work, technical progressions, partnering/group work, as well as working towards a routine for competition and concert.


Lyrical and contemporary combine the many technical elements of classical ballet with the freedom, fluidity, expressiveness and airier aspects of jazz. These classes are expressive and dynamic, focused on conveying musicality and emotion through movement.



Acro focuses on developing strong, flexible dancers, where skills range from handstands and cartwheels to flips and handsprings. Acro will teach you all sorts of tricks; giving you a competitive edge and making you "stand out from the crowd”. Acro classes are broken up into stream of ability, with our certified staff flying to Melbourne annually to further their acro training.



Hip Hop classes at JDW are some of our most popular classes! Hip Hop combines street funk, hip hop and commercial styles to create choreography that is exciting to perform and to watch! These classes work towards routines for competitions and performances, as well as drawing upon other dance style techniques to create hard hitting, strong and stylised dancers.


Add Private Tuition

Students wishing to extend themselves and their performance style should invest in private tuition in any chosen genre. Students can choose to either work on a routine  to perform at competitions (solos and duos) or simply work on technical skills. Private tuition is also an excellent way for students to build rapport with their teachers.


Working on Solo and Duo routines is an exciting way to build confidence, be taught exclusive choreography and unlock new performance opportunities. Students learn to become self-dependant and seek some serious courage to step out onto the stage alone. Solo and duo routines can be entered at any competition throughout the year. 


If a student misses a chunk of dancing and wishes to catch up, or simply wants to be 'a step ahead', private lessons are the perfect way to achieve this. In private lessons, students work one-on-one with their teacher on setting goals and more advanced steps that might not be taught in group classes.


Add an Extension program

At Jenina's Dance Workshop, there's plenty of dancers who are hungry to achieve something special out of their dancing. Pre-Pro, Elevate and Squad are JDW's two extension programs, where students undertake an additional timetable of classes to truly extend them to a pre-professional level. To learn more about these extension programs, click the buttons below.


We take enrolments all year round.

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