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JDW’s teaching staff, combined with their nationally-acclaimed methods, are the reason Jenina’s Dance Workshop remains one of the most recognised schools in Australia for quality training. 

We believe teaching students knowledge and understanding of dance is just as important as the technique and steps themselves, which helps to create a balance between the mind and the body.

We aspire for our choreography to be fresh, innovative and captivating and provide an emphasis on positive reinforcement and encouragement. JDW's teaching staff are 100% passionate about what they do and aim to give each student their own personal dance journey. 

Meet the Team

Owner & Choreographer

Jenina started her career as a dancer at Hadley's Palladium before leaving Tasmania to dance nationally and internationally. Touring Japan with Hocus Pocus, Jenina became a seasoned Tony Bartuccio dancer and was employed in Melbourne as a Choreographer for various Disney and Warner Brother children's entertainment productions.

Upon her return to Tasmania in 1990 Jenina opened her school, Jenina's Dance Workshop. Since then, JDW has been home to thousands of dancers, all receiving premium dance training under Jenina's guidance. 

A fierce teacher and choreographer for all ages, Jenina particularly prides herself on working closely to develop the pre-professional dancer,  to venture into further training nationally and internationally. The success of students careers’ with the likes of J-Lo, Katy Perry, Britney Spears, Taylor Swift, Paula Abdul (just to name a few) is testament to the training that Jenina and her team offers. Jenina is proud to have played a critical part in many successful dancer’s education, offering a nurturing environment with a focus on a culture that Jenina believes is important to create both strong, employable dancers and talented recreational students.


We take enrolments all year round.

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