JDW’s teaching staff are the reason Jenina’s Dance Workshop remains one of the most recognised schools in Hobart.


We believe teaching students knowledge and understanding of dance is just as important as the technique and steps themselves, which helps to create a balance between the mind and the body. We aspire for our choreography to be fresh, innovative and captivating and provide an emphasis on positive reinforcement and encouragement. JDW's teaching staff are 100% passionate about what they do and aim to give each student their own personal dance journey. 


To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

2020 STAFF

Jenina (Owner/Director + head of all groups, Elevate, Squad & solo teacher)

Lisa (Head of Junior & Middle school, junior & middle tap group teacher, Mini Kids teacher, solo/duo teacher)

Mandy (Head of Senior Tap group, solo/duo teacher)

Kate (Head of Acro, Head of Elevate, Head of Squad, solo/duo teacher)

Blair (Head of intermediate & senior contemporary groups, solo/duo teacher and senior assistant)

Johan (Head of intermediate & senior hiphop groups, Elevate teacher)

Virginia (Head of Junior Hiphop & lyrical groups, Head of Non-Competitive, Mini Kids teacher, Solo teacher) 

Kirsty (Head of Classical Ballet, Elevate teacher)

Lillie (Head of Mini Kids, Head of Classical Ballet, Squad teacher, Solo teacher)

Immy (Head of Mini Kids, Solo teacher, Senior assistant)

Chloe (Singing teacher)

Tennille (Elevate teacher, Solo teacher)

Bethany (Mini Kids teacher, Solo/duo teacher)

Laura J, Hailey, Julietta, Abbie, Georgia, Madi & Millie (Junior assistants)

Linda (Studio Manager & Dance Shop owner)

Julene (Secretary)

Susan (Head of marketing, up to date with whats on in Tas & interstate for dancers)

Janet (Shop Co-ordinator)